Benjamin MARX

Assistant Professor

CEPR Research Affiliate, AALIMS Faculty Fellow

Upon completion of his PhD at MIT in 2018, Benjamin MARX joined the Department as Assistant Professor of Economics.

His research interests are in political economy and development. His work explores issues related to institutions, accountability, and voting behavior in developing countries, with the goal of understanding how institutions and incentives shape economic and political outcomes. His recent research has focused on Indonesia, Kenya, Senegal, and Uganda.

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featured publications

  • "Electoral Turnovers" (with Vincent Pons, and Vincent Rollet). February 2022. NBER Working Paper No. 29766. (also CEPR Discussion Paper No. 17047)
  • "The Dynamic Consequences of State-Building: Evidence from the French Revolution" (with Cédric Chambru and Emeric Henry). December 2021. CEPR Discussion Paper No. 16815.
  • "Islam and the State: Religious Education in the Age of Mass Schooling" (with Samuel Bazzi and Masyhur Hilmy). May 2020. NBER Working Paper No. 27073 (also CEPR Discussion Paper No. 14689).
  • "Eat Widely, Vote Wisely? Lessons from a Campaign Against Vote Buying in Uganda" (with Christopher Blattman, Horacio Larreguy, and Otis Reid). June 2020. CEPR Discussion Paper No. 14919.
  • "J'Accuse! Antisemitism and Financial Markets in the time of the Dreyfus Affair" (with Quoc-Anh Do, Roberto Galbiati, and Miguel A. Ortiz Serrano). May 2020. CEPR Discussion Paper No. 14826.
  • "The Institutional Foundations of Religious Politics: Evidence from Indonesia" (with Samuel Bazzi and Gabriel Koehler-Derrick). The Quarterly Journal of Economics, Volume 135, Issue 2, May 2020, Pages 845–911.
  • "Voter Mobilisation and Trust in Electoral Institutions: Evidence from Kenya" (with Vincent Pons and Tavneet Suri). The Economic Journal, Volume 131, Issue 638, August 2021, Pages 2585–2612.
  • "Diversity and Team Performance in a Kenyan Organization" (with Vincent Pons and Tavneet Suri). Journal of Public Economics, vol. 197, May 2021, 104332.
  • "There Is No Free House: Ethnic Patronage in a Kenyan Slum" (with Thomas Stoker and Tavneet Suri). American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, Volume 11, Issue 4, October 2019, Pages 36-70.
  • "The Economics of Slums in the Developing World" (with Thomas Stoker and Tavneet Suri). Journal of Economic Perspectives Volume 27, Issue 4, Pages 187-210.

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Research Areas

Political Economy, Development Economics


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