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News from the 2023/24 academic job market

Congratulations to our JM candidates !

Congratulations Clemens GRAF VON LUCKNER and Victor SAINT-JEAN !

Our job market candidates have done it again! On a job market that is more and more competitive and demanding, we are proud to announce that two candidates this year have secured positions in great universities.

Our PhD programme trains top economists who seek to pursue university and academic careers in France or abroad, as well as careers requiring high-level doctoral training: in international organisations, think tanks, research institutions, government agencies, banks, and insurance companies.


Clemens Graf von Luckner's research revolves around sovereign debt and international finance, seeking to address pertinent questions related to today's policy challenges. Ranging from questions about the social costs caused by sovereign defaults, to the often overlooked role of cryptocurrencies in the facilitation of capital flight during periods of macro financial distress.

Currently a PhD Candidate at Sciences Po and a PhD Fellow at Harvard, Clemens will be joining the Global Capital Allocation Project at Stanford Graduate School of Business as a Postdoctoral Researcher later in 2024. The project is spearheaded by Matteo Maggiori and Jesse Schreger, and Clemens looks forward to pursuing his research on international capital flows, sovereign debt and geoeconomics.

To learn more about Clemens GRAF VON LUCKNER, consult his website


Victor is a financial economist interested in corporate social responsibility and shareholder activism. His job market paper asks whether ESG-motivated investors should threaten to divest from non-responsible firms, or stay in them and engage with the management. It evaluates the effectiveness of each strategy at promoting firms’ pro-social efforts and uncovers the conditions under which they are most impactful.

Victor will be joining the ESSEC Business School as Assistant Professor of Finance this Fall.

Research interests :
Primary field: Sustainable Finance
Secondary fields: Corporate Finance, Mutual Funds

To learn more about Victor SAINT-JEAN, consult his website

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