Roy-ADRES Seminar *in-person* - Sept 20th

Roy-ADRES Seminar *in-person* - Sept 20th

  • Portrait of René Roy and stylised equationsPortrait of René Roy and stylised equations

Paula Onuchic

*This seminar will take place in-person, at PSE*

Paula ONUCHIC is a Postdoctoral Prize Research Fellow in Economics at Nuffield College, Oxford University. She was awarded a PhD in Economics from New York University (NYU) this past year.

Her research fields are Microeconomic Theory, Information Economics and Financial Economics.

Paula ONUCHIC will present a paper, joint with Debraj RAY, at the next Roy-ADRES Seminar on the theme:

Signaling and Discrimination in Collaborative Projects (read paper, PDF 620.74 KB)

More about Paula ONUCHIC and her research

Date: MONDAY, September 20th - 5 PM
Location: PSE, Jourdan Campus - Room R1-09

The next Roy-ADRES Seminar will host  Zvika NEEMAN (Tel Aviv University) on September 27th.

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