Roy-ADRES Seminar *in-person* - Oct 4th

Roy-ADRES Seminar *in-person* - Oct 4th

  • Portrait of René Roy and stylised equationsPortrait of René Roy and stylised equations

Ludvig Sinander

*This seminar will take place in-person, at the PSE*

Ludvig SINANDER is currectly the Postdoctoral Prize Research Fellow at the Nuffield College and the Department of Economics of the University of Oxford. 

He is an economic theorist with broad interests.

He defended his PhD in Economics at Northwestern University just this past year and has already been distinguished. He was selected as one of the "most promising graduate doctoral students in economics and finance" to participate in the 2021 REStud Tour. He was also awarded a Distinguished Teaching Assistant Award at Northwestern in 2018.

Ludvig SINANDER will present a paper, joint with Gregorio CURELLO, at the next Roy-ADRES Seminar on the theme:

 Agenda-Manipulation in Ranking (read paper, PDF 653.21 KB)

More about Ludvig SINANDER and his research

Date: MONDAY, October 4th - 5 PM
Location: PSE - Jourdan Campus, 74014 Paris - Room R2-21

The next Roy-ADRES Seminar will host Jeffrey ELY (Northwestern) on October 11th.

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