Paris Trade Seminar via Zoom - June 8th

Paris Trade Seminar via Zoom - June 8th

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Maarten BOSKER

Maarten BOSKER is Full Professor at the Erasmus School of Economics of Erasmus University Rotterdam. He is also a Research Fellow at the Centre of Economic Policy Research (CEPR) and at the Tinbergen Institute, and is a Research Network Fellow at CESifo.

His research interests lie in applied econometrics, trade and economic development, economic geography, and urban history. 

Maarten BOSKER will present a paper, joint with Sophie DE VRIES ROBBÉ, at the next Paris Trade Seminar via Zoom on the theme:

Desarrollo alternativo: the Sensitivity of Colombian Coca Production to Legal Commodity Price Shocks (read Abstract, PDF 53.47 KB)

More about Maarten BOSKER and his research

Date: Tuesday, June 8th - 2:30 PM
Location: Zoom (link to follow)

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