ERC CoG EQUIPRICE Lunch Seminar - Nov 25th

ERC CoG EQUIPRICE Lunch Seminar - Nov 25th

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Benoit Rottembourg

*This seminar will take place via Zoom*

Benoit ROTTEMBOURG is Platform Lead at INRIA, the French National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology. He is head of INRIA's Regalia pilot project which aims to support algorithmic regulation by providing a software environment for auditing the algorithms of digital platforms. Auditing an online algorithm raises a whole set of technical, legal and scientific questions, and the project develops stealthy, frugal and robust “testing” or “deep sampling” techniques to deal with the questions of explicability and interpretability raised by this type of algorithms.

His research focuses on comparing approximate dynamic programming and reinforcement learning algorithms (convergence, robustness, development) for dynamic pricing. He holds a PhD in Applied Mathematics.

Benoit ROTTEMBOURG will present his recent work on Dynamic Pricing: Constraints, Elasticity and Algorithmic Manipulation (read abstract, PDF 25.87 KB) at the EQUIPRICE Lunch Seminar series, organised by Alfred GALICHON in the framework and with funding from his ERC-CoG project EQUIPRICE (Grant agreement No.866274).

More about Benoit ROTTEMBOURG and his research
More about the Equilibrium Methods for Resource Allocations and Dynamic Pricing (EQUIPRICE) Project

Date: THURSDAY, November 25th - 12 PM
Location: Zoom

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