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Exchange programme on the Dijon campus

The Dijon campus is located in the beautiful Burgundy region, one hour and 40 minutes by high speed train from Paris. It accommodates around 160 students. More than 40 percent of these are from outside France. Each semester, the campus welcomes around 10 exchange students

These students can choose from a wide range of courses taught in English in the humanities and social sciences: law, economics, history, humanities, political science, sociology and international relations. They can also take language classes and seminars corresponding to the geographical minor of the campus dedicated to the European Union and Central and Eastern Europe. 

Under certain conditions, exchange students can obtain a Certificate of Studies in Social Sciences and Humanities.

Exterior view of the Dijon campus (credits: Didier Pazery)

Choosing courses

Course registration is to be made at the pedagogical secretariat, in July for the first semester and in January for the second semester. To prepare their choice of courses, exchange students are invited to read the course descriptions provided on the website, taking careful note of pre-requisites (disciplinary and language requirements in particular).

They must enroll at least one course of 5 ECTS credits and cannot choose more than 30 ECTS credits per semester (without optional courses).

To be eligible for the Certificate of Studies in Social Sciences and Humanities, students must attempt 30 ECTS credits and pass 20 ECTS credits in one semester. Students on a year-long exchange must attempt 60 ECTS credits and  pass 45 ECTS credits in two semesters.

They must also enroll in two core courses (5 ECTS credits each) OR a lecture course combined with a discussion section (10 ECTS credits) to satisfy the certificate’s requirements.

Students can choose the remaining 20 ECTS credits from the other types of courses (seminars, language courses, methodology workshops, artistic workshops).

A default “DF” in one or more courses (absences, course work not handed in) will generate the ineligibility to obtain the certificate.

Students who do not wish to obtain the Certificate in Social Sciences and Humanities are free to enroll in as few or as many credits as they want (between 5 and 30 ECTS credits per semester), after verifying their university’s requirements for their exchange.

Each type of course is worth a specific number of ECTS credits:

  • Lecture course: 10 ECTS
  • Seminar course: 5 ECTS
  • Methodology workshop: 5 ECTS
  • Language course: 5 ECTS

Language requirement

  • The programme is taught in French. 
  • Students need a B2 equivalent in French.

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