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Bachelor of Arts and Sciences (BASC) : "Politics of Life and Identities", Dual Degree with Université de Paris

As of the academic year 2021-2022, Sciences Po offers a new undergraduate dual degree in liberal arts and life sciences, devised in partnership with Université de Paris.

Educational Objectives

This dual degree is, first and foremost, a programme combining Bachelor’s level study of life sciences at Université de Paris and of the humanities and social sciences at Sciences Po.

The genuine educational innovation of this programme lies in its interdisciplinary classes, which are jointly designed by researchers at both institutions.

This interdisciplinary degree draws attention to issues located at the crossroads between human biology and the social sciences. Discoveries made in recent years in fields as varied as genetics or neuroscience bring established definitions of the individual and/or populations profoundly into question. They feed new reflections on drivers of behaviour, whose complexity is clearly demonstrated by social analysis.

The dual degree addresses bioethical issues raised by evolutions and shifts in natural life, which call for research into the very means by which we devise policies regulating these events. Meanwhile, it also invites students to consider the influence of significantly increased efforts within biomedical research, with regards to health policy, both on the life sciences disciplines and the human and social sciences.

Finally, the programme will explore what the circulation of pathogens and pharmaceuticals can teach us about the structure of societies: in what ways do these “non-human” elements link us and to what imbalances of power do they give rise?

With all these issues in mind, the interdisciplinary programme is entitled “Politics of Life and Identities”.

Upon completion of four years of study, one of which is spent abroad, students are awarded a Bachelor in Life Sciences from Université de Paris and a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences (BASc) from Sciences Po.

Programme Structure

The first two years of the programme pair the core teaching of the Sciences Po Undergraduate College, provided on the Paris Campus, with courses in the sciences taught by Université de Paris (FR). Classes take place at both institutions.

The third year abroad is spent studying at one of Sciences Po’s or Université de Paris’ partner universities internationally. While abroad, students are required to take classes meeting their course requirements in both the sciences and liberal arts.

The fourth year is principally devoted to deepening scientific teaching at Université de Paris, complemented by interdisciplinary classes offered at either university.

This course demands a strong investment in terms of personal work and study time.

Depending on their professional plans, graduates of the programme may choose to pursue further study within a Master’s programme at Sciences Po, at Université de Paris, or else on another programme in France or abroad.

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