Photocopying, printing and scanning

What you need to know about printing in the Library : card activation, printing from your personal computer, downloading the user guide, buying additional credit ...

Since November 30, 30-minute slots are open for booking to allow you to quickly access the prints.

Reserve a time slot.


Multifunction copiers are available for photocopying, printing and scanning use. They support black & white or color A4 and A3 formats.

Before using it for the first time, activate your Sciences Po card on one of the campus copy-and-print terminals, using your Sciences Po e-mail credentials (

Then you can :

  • Print from your personal computer or from all self-service computers to any of the printers. 
  • Scan documents in color and send them automatically to your Sciences Po email address using the  “Numérisation vers courriel” function or a USB key.
  • Check your printing credit from the copy-and-print terminals.

Print from your computer

You can print from your personal computer, providing you are connected to the Sciences Po wifi, by logging in or using the printing link of your campus, with your Sciences Po e-mail credentials:

* Except Nancy

NB : Use of Safari is not recommended.

Recharging online

Once your annual allowance is sold out, you can buy additional credit by credit card, using the online secured website (Wifi SciencesPo-Secure needed):

Prices :

  • Black & white: 0.05€ per A4 page
  • Color: 0.15€ per A4 page

NB : An annual 30 euros quota is issued personally and annually to each Sciences Po student (tantamount to 600 black & white A4 pages).

User guides

Find copy-and-print terminals

In the Paris Campus Library

  • 27 RSG : ground floor, 1st and 5th floor ,
  • 30 RSG : any floor,
  • Research Library (199SG).

You can print in color, in the Paris campus Library, using copy-and-print terminals located on :

  • 27 RSG ground floor and 5th floor,
  • 30 RSG 1st and 3rd floor, 
  • Research Library (199SG).


For any assistance or troubleshooting, please contact the Helpdesk ( / 01 45 49 77 99).

Updated on 02/02/2021

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