ID / Password

What are the usernames and password to connect your laptop to the wifi, request a document online, consult electronic resources through remote access, activate your card for printing ... ? What you need to know about Library services logins.

Sciences Po ID

Use your Sciences Po ID ( and password to:

  • Login on Sciences Po Gmail
  • Login the SciencesPo-Secure or eduroam Wifi
  • Login on public workstations from the campus
  • Activate printing services on your card
  • Print from an express-terminal if you don’t have your card
  • Access electronic resources off-campus (*)
  • Login your patron account from the catalogue (*)
    • make online requests
    • renew loans
  • Book a group study room (*)

(*) For these services, use your connection name (firstname.lastname) and password.

From a public computer, don't forget to logout:

  1. Click on "Logout"
  2. Close all windows of your web browser

Forgot your password? Reset it yourself or Contact the help-desk

External readers

  • For group cards, please use the ID and password provided during your registration
  • For group cards, please use the connexion name and password provided during your registration.
  • Forgot your password ? If you don't have a gmail account, contact
Updated on 02/10/2023

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