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What is One search ?

One search (Recherche+) is a library search engine powered by the discovery tool Summon™.
From a single search box, it searches simultaneously through an amazingly wide range of the Science Po Library collections: books, academic e-journal articles, e-books, thesis and academic dissertations, conference papers, a great number of databases adnd more.

One search enables you, in just one click, to look through the majority of our collections, thus saving you a great amount of time!

What can I find with One search ?

  • All print items in our catalogue;
  • full text articles from most of the 32 000 online journals we subscribe to;
  • all e-books we subscribe to;
  • all Spire articles (Open Archive of Science Po);
  • some freely available resources;
  • and also : industry profiles, country reports, working papers ...


Library search tools overlap schema

The items are indexed in One search by Summon™ according to agreements concluded with academic publishers.
See the list of indexed  online journals and ressources in One search.

What can’t I find with One search ?

  • Items from resources(*) that are not part of the list of resources indexed in One search. See above.
  • Newspaper articles (*)
  • French law databases (*)

(*) To search these resources, we recommend you to use the relevant database or platform referenced in the Electronic Resources page of the library.

How does it work ?

Discover how to use One search in a 3 minutes demo :


If you have any question or feedback, please feel free to ask a librarian.

Updated on 28/01/2019

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