Research data management - bibliography

Sciences Po et le CCSD publient leur veille bibliographique sur la gestion des données de la recherche

Sciences Po and the CCSD, like most scientific institutions nowadays, are working on research data management.
In spring 2016, the arrival of a trainee in both institutions gave an opportunity for a thematic watch and a state of the art on this subject.

This parallel monitoring has been merged in a Zotero group, fed first by Laurène L'Hermite and Marilou Pain, then by Sciences Po and the CCSD librarians.
Both institutions have chosen to share this bibliography with all the communities interested in this subject.

References are classified into five categories:

  • Scientific issues
  • Legal and ethical issues
  • Public policies
  • Technical storage issues, referencing and citation
  • Guides and professional skills
  • Each record is tagged with one or more keywords.

We hope that you will find in this bibliography both theoretical and practical resources to carry on with data management and how to implement it.

Updated on 31/08/2017

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