Research data management

How to manage data generated as part of your research (research project, dissertation, etc.)? Since 2015, the library has been coordinating with the work of various offices and research centers at Sciences Po in order to be able to offer services designed for the specific needs of individual research teams.


The issue of research data management is today a major challenge in the human and social sciences. This is the result of several developments in the world of research in France and around the world, including open science and open access to scientific and technical information, the administration of scientific evidence in order to validate results, the reuse of data sets, and the promotion and protection of scientific assets.


A working group coordinated by the Scientific Information and Resources Department (DRIS) conducted a series of studies and consultations over the course of 2015-2016 in order to develop services that would meet the needs of researchers and their teams. Roughly half of the dozen or so pilot projects generated by this process were subjected to testing in 2017 to determine the range of services to be offered beginning in 2018. There are three types of activity undergoing testing:

  • Organizing: advising researchers and aiding in the creation of a data management plan from the outset of a project.
  • Bringing expertise: participating in the preparation, selection, collection, processing, depositing, documenting and archiving of data in order to make it usable by the researcher and research team as well as the broader scientific community and beyond.
  • Raising awareness and training: developing best practices and putting in place methodological, technical and legal norms and rules.

Sciences Po will also provide a data warehouse for its academic community.


Since 2015, this work has been undertaken in coordination with the Office of Research, the Office of Information Systems and the Sciences Po Archives. The Center for Socio-Political Data (CDSP) is also participating in its capacity as national leader in the production of qualitative and quantitative survey data. The experimental phase has been conducted in close cooperation with the engineers and researchers of Sciences Po’s research centers.

Illustration programme Gestion des données de la recherche

Sciences Po is also engaged in a collaborative bibliographical study on research data using Zotero, in conjunction with the CCSD.


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Updated on 20/07/2020

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