Digitization and digital archiving

The library provides services for digitization and long-term digital archiving projects at Sciences Po


Since 2016, the Scientific Information and Resources Department has been equipped with a digitization station, providing services for Sciences Po administrative offices and research centers.

You can request the digitization or OCR (optical character recognition) processing of your documents, as well as indexing and metadata production. After doing so, you must respect copyright restrictions regarding the use of the digitized documents. We suggest prioritizing the digitization of material in the public domain, from which the greatest number of people can benefit.

Digitization requests should be made using this this form.

Long-term digital archiving

Since 2015, the DRIS has made long-term archiving one of its main priorities. It provides recommendations related to digital preservation and to promote greater coordination in digitization.


Digitization Services: numerisation.bib@sciencespo.fr

Updated on 29/01/2018

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