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Organised as part as of the CERI China seminar in collaboration with IEP/CRESPPA… Lire la suite
Face-to-face event
The Dean of Shandong
Venue: Pierre Hassner Room, 28 rue des Saints-Pères - 75007 Paris
Organised as part of the CERI China seminar in collaboration with CRESPPA

Daniel Bell, University of Hong Kong, who will present his book: The Dean of Shandong: Confessions of a Minor Bureaucrat at a Chinese University, Princeton University Press, 2023.

As the first foreign dean of the School of Political Science and Public Administration at Shandong University, Daniel Bell chronicles his experiences as what he calls “a minor bureaucrat,” offering an inside account of the workings of Chinese academia and what they reveal about China’s political system.
Ranging from the habits of the academic community to discussions around corruption and censorship, the book offers a cross-section of contemporary China. Considering both the revival of Confucianism in China over the last three decades and what he calls “the Communist comeback” since 2008, Bell predicts that China’s political future is likely to be determined by both Confucianism and Communism.


Yves Sintomer, Université Paris 8, CRESPPA-CNRS

Jean-Louis Rocca, Sciences Po-CERI

Chair: Françoise Mengin, Sciences Po-CERI

Responsables scientifiques : Françoise Mengin et Jean-Louis Rocca


Organisé par : CERI