Undergraduate Admissions for applicants from the French secondary schools: the Equal Opportunity Programme (CEP)

Last Update: 
27 June 2022
Widening social diversity

Each year, the Equal Opportunity scheme facilitates admission to the Undergraduate College for students from 198 partner high schools in France through a specific admissions procedure. After 20 years of existence and more than 2,000 students admitted, this unique scheme is part of a unified admission procedure, which it has inspired into account of personal commitment or the exercise of reacting to an image during the oral.

A major aspect of Sciences Po’s commitment to widening social diversity, the Equal Opportunity Programme is currently undergoing an ambitious redesign. After 20 years of existence and with more than 2,000 secondary school students accepted, this trailblazing policy is being extended and centralised. It will now be fully integrated in Sciences Po’s unified admissions procedure, the conditions of which, in many ways, it helped to inspire: from the consideration of candidates’ personal backgrounds to the image response activity of the interview.

Candidates from CEP schools apply through the Parcoursup platform and pass the same evaluations as all other candidates studying for the French Baccalaureate, but are admitted through a specific admissions pathway. The application phase allows for their specific academic background and training as part of the Equal Opportunity Programme to be taken into account.


You are eligible to apply through the CEP admissions procedure if:

  • You have been a student at one of the participating secondary schools (PDF) since the Seconde year of the lycée.
  • You participated in the workshop organised by your school.
  • Your school confirms your eligibility to apply through the CEP admissions pathway.
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