Undergraduate Admissions for applicants from foreign secondary schools: request for derogation

Last Update: 
15 September 2021

You are eligible to apply for the undergraduate programmes through the international pathway if you are currently preparing a foreign diploma of secondary education (first session).

However, applicants who have obtained their foreign diploma between November 2020 (for Southern Hemisphere school systems) and June 2021 may be permitted to apply, as an exception and on certain conditions. You will need to explain why you did not apply during the last year of your secondary education.

Your dispensation request may not be granted. Your request must meet all of the following criterias:

  • you have not been enrolled at another institution of higher education during all or part of these twelve months. This includes institutions offering preparatory classes for the Sciences Po admissions procedure.
  • you will need to be able to justify your activities during the year (internship, job, military service, humanitarian missions, etc.) or the medical reasons why you have been prevented from applying earlier
  • you must provide evidence, for example a job or internship certificate, a certificate of associative commitment, etc. Please note that any exemption request without supporting documentation will not be considered. The evidence will need to cover the full academic year and specify the number of hours done per week. 


  • Please ensure you meet all the eligibility criteria listed above
  • Email your request to Sciences Po admissions (admissions@sciencespo.fr) with the subject: “Dispensation request 2022 and attach to the email the evidence required
  • If your request is approved: create and submit an application file and add the confirmation email in PDF format within the “academic background” tab of your application. Please note the evaluation of your application will only start once you have enclosed this document. 
  • If your request is denied: you may apply for one of our Master’s programmes after obtaining a bachelor.


The deadline to request a derogation is April, 10th 2022. Past this deadline, we will not accept any demand.

Please allow a month for your request to be examined and do not submit your application until you have received a positive response to your request for exemption. In case your request is rejected and you already submitted your application, the application fee is not refunded. 

The grant of dispensation for application is not automatic, each request will be examined on an individual basis. The granted dispensations are only applicable for the current year.

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