Admissions: Information for Candidates

Admissions: Information for Candidates

Deadlines and modalities for the 2021 intake
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Are you applying to Sciences Po's for the fall 2021 intake? Here is everything you need to know before starting your application. 

Undergraduate Candidates (Bachelor’s degree): the new procedure

Four evaluations

All applicants to the Sciences Po Undergraduate College - whether French or international - will be evaluated in the same ways, on identical criteria.  The four evaluations are broken down as follows: performance on the French Baccalaureate exam or foreign equivalent, the academic record of the candidate, three essays, and an interview.

The marks obtained on the first three evaluations are added up, for a total out of 60. In order to proceed to the next evaluation (the interview), candidates must have obtained a mark equal to or higher than the minimum mark defined each year by Sciences Po.

After the interview, which is also graded out of 20, the jury adds up the 4 marks out of 20 for a final admission mark out of 80. Candidates must reach or exceed a minimum admission mark, set by Sciences Po each year, in order to be admitted and become Sciences Po students.

> See more detailed information on the Admissions website

If you are preparing to sit the French Baccalaureate exams

If you are preparing to sit the French Baccalaureate exams, in France or abroad, including in a French CEP secondary school:

  • From the 20th of January to the 11th of March 2021: go on Parcoursup to register, chose your preference, and complete your application.
  • From the 12th of March to the 8th of April: preferences confirmation and final completion of your application.
  • In the course of April/May 2021: your application will be examined by Sciences Po.
  • May 2021: interviews for candidates who obtained the necessary mark set by Sciences Po.
  • End of May 2021: admission results (date to be confirmed)

Read about undergraduate admissions for applicants from French secondary schools

If you will be obtaining a foreign secondary school diploma

  • Starting end of November until end of April 2021: Submission of applications via the Sciences Po’s admissions portal. You have until 25 April 2021 to submit your application. 
  • Between January and June 2021: Candidates having obtained the minimum mark on the application move on to the remote interview.
  • Admission results are communicated on a rolling basis: the decision is made according to the date of submission of the completed application and the assessment by the admission panels.

> See more detailed information for candidates graduating from foreign secondary schools

Graduate Candidates (Master's degrees)

If you are applying via the international procedure:

Admissions are currently open! The international procedure is for candidates pursuing or who have obtained a foreign diploma of higher education. It consists of an evaluation of the online application file.

  • Application deadline: 28 February, 2021
  • Admission results: based on the date of submission of your completed application

Visit the dedicated page on the Admissions website.

If you are applying via the French procedure:

Admissions are open! The French admissions procedure concerns candidates who have or are pursuing a French degree of higher education. It is comprised of an admissibility phase with a double evaluation of the application, as well as an admissions phase and an interview.

  • Deadline for applications: 11 January 2021. Submit your completed application via the Sciences Po admissions portal.
  • Beginning of April 2021: Admissibility results
  • April 2021: Admissions interviews 
  • Beginning of June 2021: Admission results

Visit the dedicated page on the Admissions website (FR).

If you are applying for a one-year Master's programme:

Admissions are open! 

  • Deadline for applications: 11 April 2021.
  • Admission results: depending on the date of submission of your application

Visit the dedicated page on the Admissions website.

If you are applying for a dual degree programme:

Admissions are open! For dual degree programmes, admission decisions are made by a joint jury between Sciences Po and the partner university. Find out which graduate admissions procedure corresponds to your situation, and find answers to frequently asked questions through our Graduate Schools’ Q&A sessions.

Doctoral Candidates (Thesis)

Admissions are open ! See the admissions procedures for doctoral candidates.

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