International Graduate Admissions: A two-step selection process

Last Update: 
13 July 2022

The selection process for Sciences Po two-year Master’s programmes consists of two stages:

  • the admissibility stage: at the end of this stage, you may be declared admissible or not admissible. If you are admissible, your application is handed over to the admission panel.
  • the admission stage: at the end of this stage, you may be declared not admitted, admitted, or receive a conditional offer of admission.

The selection process for dual degrees is different. Please refer to the page dedicated to dual degrees.

The admissibility stage

The admissibility stage is the first step in the selection process. Your application will be subject to a qualitative evaluation. The academic background is assessed with the utmost care. Academic performance is a key element in the selection of our future students. Applicants must rank among the best students in their class.

Sciences Po requires a minimum grade point average for your undergraduate studies (Bachelor level).

Applicants with averages below the minimum required level will automatically be deemed not admissible.

An average grade meeting our prerequisites (see below) does not in itself guarantee your admissibility.

Minimum undergraduate averages required.

You will be asked to provide a document from your university showing your cumulative average grade for your Bachelor’s degree and, if applicable, your Master’s degree.

Candidates whose applications are accepted by the admissibility panel are declared admissible. The panel’s decisions are final.

The admission stage

The admission stage consists of two qualitative and extensive evaluations of the whole application file.

We especially assess the applicants' strengths and potential to succeed in their studies at Sciences Po, namely:

  • their academic performance;
  • their motivation for the requested programme and for studying at Sciences Po;
  • their personal background;
  • the coherence of their professional project.

An application with an excellent academic level whose other elements are judged inadequate may not be retained by the admission panel.

Applicants selected by the admission panel are declared admitted. The panel’s decisions are final.

You are applying to the Sciences Po School of Journalism: In certain cases and depending on your profile, you may be invited to take part in a 30-minute discussion over your motivation and skills with a panel chaired by a member of the School of Journalism.

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