International undergraduate admissions: eligibility criteria

Last Update: 
11 October 2019

Eligible applicants through the international admissions procedure are those who have obtained one of the following diplomas:

High School Diploma

Are eligible to apply through the international admissions procedure, students who will obtain one of the following high school diplomas :

  • Foreign diploma obtained abroad
  • French baccalauréat obtained abroad
  • Foreign diploma obtained in France

Specific situations

  • Candidates who obtain a foreign High School diploma (i.e. International Baccalaureate Diploma, Selectividad, Bachillerato, A-level, Abitur, Maturité…) can apply through the International Admissions procedure.
  • Applicants enrolled in binational programs Abibac, Bachibac (Fr) and Esabac can apply through the International Admissions procedure.
  • Candidates who will obtain a French baccalauréat in France with "European Option" or the "International Option" are not eligible to apply through the International admissions procedure
  • Candidates who meet the eligibility requirements of both the international and exam entry procedure must choose to apply through one or the other. Under no circumstances should they apply through both routes.
  • Information for Canadian applicants

High School graduation date

To apply to an undergraduate programme at Sciences Po for the 2019 intake, you must have obtained your high school diploma during the two school years prior to the intake you are applying for. 

All admitted candidates start as first-year students, even if they had already begun undergraduate studies elsewhere. Transfer admissions are not offered at Sciences Po.

If you have obtained your baccalauréat outside of France or another high school diploma between November 2018 (for countries with inverted calendars) and July 2019, you will need to be able to justify your activities during the year 2019/2020 (internship, job, military service, humanitarian missions, etc.)

Choice of campus

 You can apply through the international admissions procedure only if you wish to attend one of the six regional campuses: Dijon, Nancy, Poitiers, Menton, Reims or Le Havre.

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