International graduate admissions: required documents

Last Update: 
13 November 2019

Please note

Incomplete applications will not be taken into consideration. In order to ensure that your application is processed, it is your responsibility to make sure that it is complete and that all required supporting documents are attached in the appropriate format no later than the deadline of the programme or scholarship. For further information, please check our application guide

Documents to be attached to your application

For all programmes:

  • CV/Résumé

  • Official academic transcript(s) (signed and/or stamped) for the entirety of your time in higher education (including periods spent abroad on exchange programmes). Acceptable transcript formats include scanned copies of paper transcripts produced by the institution, electronic transcripts produced by the institution, and web-based academic records produced by the institution and containing the name of the institution. The Admission Office reserves the right to request official transcripts at any time during the application process. An official or informal translation in English, if applicable. 
  • Language Test certificate (where applicable)

  • Two academic references. Please note that certain programmes require one or two professional references in addition to the academic ones.

  • An official proof (signed and stamped) from your university, providing your undergraduate cumulative grade average (and your graduate cumulative grade average if applicable). Please provide one certificate by degree and/or institution attended. 
  • Articles or other texts which you have written or published (not mandatory). If your apply to both a Master's programme and a dual degree programme, the documents must be attached in the original language version, along with an official or informal translation in English where necessary.

Specific documents

One of the following documents may also be required depending on the programme:

  • Professional reference
  • GRE 
  • GMAT
  • A copy of your law degree, etc.

Please do not overload your application with extra documents.

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