International graduate admissions: how to apply

Early application is advised since applications are all reviewed when completed and students are admitted on a rolling admissions basis.  Admissions decisions on complete applications will be made beginning in December and continue on a rolling basis until registration is closed in March.

Preparing your application online

Applications for admission at graduate level via the international procedure are only possible online. In order to access your application, you need to choose a username (your e-mail address) and a password. 

Please note that it is normal to experience a wait of up to two hours before receiving the activation link. Thank you for your understanding.

You must fill in the application online and click ‘save’ after filling in each section. Except for the pages ‘professional referee details’ and ‘academic referee details’, it is possible, at any time, to modify what you have completed, that is until you definitively submit the application.

You are strongly advised to fill in the application form yourself.

First of all, you should choose which programme(s) you wish to apply to. You can select only one Masters programme or a Masters programme and a dual degree. As the dual degrees are very competitive, if you wish to apply for one of these, you must specify this programme as your first choice. You cannot apply for two dual degree programmes. You cannot apply for a Ph.D programme and another programme. This information does not apply for one year master's programmes. 

You may only apply to Sciences Po programmes once by academic year. If you are not accepted, it is not possible to apply to a different programme on the same year. You may not apply through another procedure in the same academic year: this procedure may not be combined with any other in the same year.

Please make sure to use the email-address you used as log in for your application form whenever you contact us.

Academic and professional references

We advise you to start your application by filling in the reference section. This will ensure referees have adequate time to reply.

More information on references.

Submitting your application

Do not wait until the very last day to submit your application. To be eligible for assessment, your application must be complete and submitted before the deadline for the programme to which you are applying whilst also respecting the deadlines for scholarships, where applicable. 

If you apply to several programmes with different deadlines, you must respect the earlier deadline. 

When you have submitted your application, you will be able to access your dashboard in which you will be able to track the status of your application. You will also be able to track the progress of your academic and professional references and resend requests to your referees if needs be. Wait at least ten days before contacting us if you see that the status of your application has not changed.

Once you have submitted your application, it is not possible to make changes to it. Nevertheless, you may attach other documents after submission, but be sure to do this before the deadline of the programme to which you are applying. They will not be evaluated if they have not been attached to your application before the deadline.

Your application cannot be submitted if there are compulsory fields which have not been filled in.

The information that you have inputted, in particular, your family name, first name and address, will appear in the same format that you have used in the application (uppercase, lowercase letters etc.)

To access your ‘espace candidat’, go to the same web address as the one for your online application and enter the same username (your email address) and password.

If you come from a country using the CEF procedure, please note that you cannot apply to Sciences Po through their system. In order to apply to Sciences Po, please follow the instructions on this website.

Application fees

The application fee of €100 is not reimbursable. You must pay by credit card. If you are unable to pay online, please contact us for a wire transfer.

We do not offer fee waivers, unless you have a refugee status. In that case, please contact us and attach the official proof of your refugee status.

Please note: paying the application fee does not mean that your application form has been submitted. Make sure to submit your application form by clicking on the Submit button.


If you require a visa to enter France, we advise you to begin to apply for this early as the process can be very lengthy.

Outcome of your application

The admission decision will be announced no later than three months after the submission of a complete application.

Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application through their dashboard and by e-mail. The decisions regarding applicants’ admission are taken on the basis of the documents provided in the online application.

Some students will be interviewed by telephone/visioconference.

All candidates are assessed on the basis of their application, the documents included in this and the academic and professional references (where applicable). We only take into account the compulsory documents which have been included in the application when the application is complete and therefore ready to be evaluated. We cannot take into account documents which are received at a later date (academic transcripts received at the end of the year, for example) unless you have been specifically requested to send them. 

Please note that the earlier you submit your application, the sooner you will be informed about our decision concerning your admission. Given the large number of applications to be treated by the end of the admissions campaign, the decision-making process is longer towards the end of the recruitement campaign.

Important remarks

Urban Planning programme: Applicants to this programme should read carefully the website of the Urban School to find out the eligibility criteria, admission calendar, language requirements and other specifics of the programme. For more information please contact the Urban School. 

Dual degree programmes: to find out about the specific rules relating to these programmes, please go to the dual degree admissions page.

Sciences Po Journalism School : if declared admissible, you will be invited to an oral interview to discuss your motivation and skills with a board of  professional journalists and a member of the executive board of the Sciences Po Journalism School. This interview may be conducted through video conference if you are abroad.

Validity of the application material: If you submitted an application in the previous year, you may not re-use the same application. To increase the likelihood of being accepted for study at Sciences Po, you should start afresh and submit the application before the deadline of the programme you have chosen.

Your local TOEFL center might ask you for Sciences Po's institutional code in order to transfer us your test results confidentially. This code number is 0695.

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