conditional offer

May I receive a decision before I provide my language test scores?

If you applied for a regular Master's programme: your online application can be processed without your language test results. It is therefore possible to be admitted or not before having provided them. If you are offered admission but you have not yet provided the language test(s), the offer will only be valid under the condition that you provide your results before 31 May 2021. Accordingly, you will be notified of this conditional offer. The official letter of admission will not be issued until you have satisfied this requirement.

If you apply to a dual degree: you must provide your language test results no later than the deadline of the programme you are applying to, otherwise your application will be considered as incomplete.

If, however, you are applying to a Boutmy or Eiffel scholarship you must respect the deadline of the scholarship and provide all of the required documents, including your language test results. Your application to the scholarship will not be taken into account in the case of any missing documents.

Two to three months may be needed to obtain your language test results. You must therefore take the necessary precautions in order to provide your results whilst respecting the deadline.

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