What's it like to study on the mediterranean coast?

What's it like to study on the mediterranean coast?

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Located by the Mediterranean Sea, near the Italian border, the Menton campus is home to Sciences Po's Middle Eastern and Mediterranean undergraduate programme. Students spend their first two undergraduate years in Menton and then go on a year abroad to complete an internship or studying at one of Sciences Po's 470 partner universities.

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Social sciences from an international perspective

The Middle Eastern and Mediterranean programme consists of a multidisciplinary core curriculum in the social sciences (economics, law, history, sociology, political science) with a focus on the political, economic and social issues in Mediterranean countries, the Middle East and the Gulf.

Courses are delivered in French, Arabic and English, and students also take additional foreign language classes in English, Arabic, or French as a second language. For complete beginners in French and Arabic, the Menton campus offers intensive courses to start learning these languages.

International dual degrees

The Menton campus offers dual-Bachelor's degrees, where students spend two years in Menton followed by two years at a foreign university. These students obtain two bachelors: one from Sciences Po and one from the other university.

Students spending their two first undergraduate years in Menton can choose from several prestigious dual-Bachelor's programmes, with Columbia University (New York, USA), the University of California Berkeley (USA), the University of Hong Kong (China), the National University of Singapore, the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada), University College London (United Kingdom), or the University of Sydney (Australia).

Studying and living by the sea

The Menton campus is home to a close-knit and friendly community of 200 students. Students hail from Europe, the Maghreb, the Middle East and the Gulf, as well as from the United States and Asia. The small resort-town of Menton offers the ideal atmosphere for an exceptional undergraduate experience.

Sciences Po makes sure that classes are complemented with extracurricular activities. Student life is kept vibrant by energetic student clubs and events (sports, arts, associations, etc).

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