Dual Degrees

Choice of Master for third-year students: I am still hesitating between a dual degree and a non-selective master programme in Sciences Po. Can I apply to both and choose later?

If one of your choice is a dual degree, you must put it as your first choice and the non-selective programme as a second choice. You might be able to change later the rank of your choices, however please note that as dual degrees are highly selective, your application as to be a very motivated choice.

Choice of Master for third-year students: Is the calendar of admission to graduate dual degree programmes the same as the Master’s programme choices one?

Not necessary. Some dual degrees are subject to specific admission procedures with different deadlines (often much earlier, i.e. from 2 January). For more information on pre-requisites and deadlines, please check the admissions website. However, as the dual degrees are subject to an admission committee, you must indicate on your Student Account a second choice that is not. Please note that the validation date of your application is the first date specified.

Choice of Master for third-year students: How to apply to a dual degree?

Dual degrees are subject to separate admissions decisions by the Admissions office. Therefore you must candidate simultaneously through the appropriate procedure and on your Student Account between Thursday 14th March and Sunday 17th March 2019.

For further information: admission to a graduate dual degree programme.