Who are our 2020 and 2021 graduates?

Who are our 2020 and 2021 graduates?

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Pauvreté, perspectives multidisciplinaires

Recovery Pathways: The Difficult Italian Convergence in the Euro Area

Forum Carrières / Career Fair

Watch Season 2 of our video series FOCUS!

News passes, ideas stay. FOCUS is Sciences Po’s video series that sheds light on current affairs. In each episode, a researcher or professor explores a topical issue related to his or her field of expertise from an unexpected angle. In three minutes, FOCUS offers an out-of-the-box reflection on the issues that drive public debate and proposes perspectives for understanding and acting.

Yann Algan: "More than ever, our students want to have a positive social impact"

The Dean of the School of Public Affairs and Professor of Economics Yann Algan has accepted a position at HEC Paris, where he will work as Associate Dean for the Pre-Experience Programme and continue his research into trust and cooperation in organisations. He will thus leave his position as Dean of the School of Public Affairs from the start of the 2021-2022 academic year. In February, he answered our questions about the School, taking us on a tour of the newest elements of a historic curriculum

Sciences Po celebrates 20 years of the Equal Opportunity Programme

Twenty years ago, Sciences Po created a new, daring and almost revolutionary programme in the French higher education landscape: the Equal Opportunity Programme (EOP) opened a dedicated admission pathway for candidates who might never have allowed themselves to apply. 20 years and more than 2,300 students later, Sciences Po is celebrating the success of this bet: combining excellence and a proactive approach to social inclusion.