Paul Claudel: An Incidental Diplomat

Paul Claudel: An Incidental Diplomat

The renowned poet and dramatist, member of the Académie Française, is a Sciences Po alumnus

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JC Decaux, le regard d’un acteur français sur la transformation de la ville

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10 reasons to choose Sciences Po

Sciences Po hosts 14,000 students, of which 47% are international, representing a total of 150 countries. International education, excellent academics, promising career prospects, vibrant student life, influential network… Discover ten of the many reasons why students from all over the world choose a Sciences Po education.

The Spy Who Studied at Sciences Po

After graduating at the top of her class in July 1940, Jeannie de Clarens, née Rousseau, set out on an extraordinary career in the world of interpretation and espionage. At 23 years old, she was to hand Allied Forces one of the Second World War’s most precious pieces of intelligence. In memory of de Clarens, a true heroine of the French Resistance, Sciences Po now pays homage by giving her name to a lecture hall.

Keeping Raqqa Alive

Sciences Po student Lamis Al Jasem was born in Raqqa, Syria. Tired of the onslaught of images of destruction that have characterised Raqqa in the media since its capture by the Islamic State in 2013, Lamis decided to show the world her hometown as she once knew it. While completing a Master’s in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action, Lamis launched See My Raqqa, a social media project that shares positive photography of the Syrian city, both before the invasion and today. Now See My Raqqa has become a community, a place for Syrians to exchange stories and memories, transforming rubble back into the monuments that existed before. Lamis told us about her mission.