Telling history through comics

Comics have really earned their stripes in recent years and are now a research subject in their own right. Isabelle Delorme, who has just been awarded her PhD from Sciences Po’s Centre for History, is interested in what she calls “historical memory narratives in comics”: works in which authors interweave family history with general history, such as in the immensely popular Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi. What does the study of comics contribute to research? We asked Dr Delorme, a researcher who is passionate about her subject. 

Training students to be media-savvy

Structuring one’s ideas to be read by a lay audience, using social networks to build a community focused on one’s area of expertise, writing a column or being interviewed on camera or the radio are all situations that Sciences Po graduates are likely to face in their professional lives, whatever career they go into.
To prepare students for this type of exercise, the School of Journalism is setting up a “Media and Narrative Centre” which will be open to all Master’s students who want to understand different types of media and how they work.

From Mexico to France

As Adán Corral finishes the second semester of his Master’s in International Public Management at the Sciences Po Paris School of International Affairs, he is coming close to completing an essential part of his studies.
The 27-year-old, born in Morelia, Mexico, has had a remarkably dynamic education: he has studied in both Mexico and China, and did internships in Iceland, Italy and Belgium. None of these international experiences would have been possible without financial support.