Mallard-Cabocel Stéphane
Master: International Economic Policy
Concentrations: Project Management, European Studies

The place(s) I call home

Versailles, France – Pennsylvania, USA – Montreal, Canada

Prior to PSIA I was ocean away… After graduating from high school, I spent a year working on financial software that would help individuals better manage their real-estate investments for a French company. I realized I really wanted to learn more about economics and I enrolled in the Bachelor in Economics and Finance at University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada. Spending 3 years abroad was a great experience but I felt the need to truly understand how economics can alter the livelihoods of my fellow citizens for good. I decided to come back to France and attend Sciences Po because it provided me with both strong academic knowledge and some real life perspective thanks to the internship opportunities and the fact that most teachers are also working professionals.


My life at PSIA

International Economic Policy provided me with both a solid background in economics, which added up to what I had learned during my Bachelor's degree, and a more pragmatic approach with regard to public policy. It is essential for a Master’s program to prepare you to take an active part in the world and this cannot simply be achieved by learning theory. My in-class discussions and the Capstone Project have helped me gain some very valuable concrete experience and a clearer understanding of how economic forces interact with each other. Now I grasp the bigger picture, my perspective has a different scale - that's why I chose Sciences Po. I have greatly enjoyed the class on International Finance by Philippe Martin and Nicolas Coeurdacier. At a time when Europe is engulfed in a debt crisis of unforeseen proportions, this class has really helped to understand the causes and mechanisms that have led to this situation - and more importantly, it gave me some valuable insights on how we can solve this problem and pave the way for a brighter future My most meaningful experience so far has been working on an actual consulting project for my Managing Projects class. We were confronted with the tender and asked to come up with concrete solutions to support the interconnection of electric producers in different European countries. It required a lot of work as we were graded by senior partners from our teacher's consulting firm. I can honestly say that the skills I learned working on this project gave me the edge to secure my current internship in a European consulting firm and will benefit me throughout the remainder of my career.

My objectives

I have always had a deep interest in politics and I believe that every voice counts when it comes to making the right policy decisions. My time at Sciences Po has prepared me uniquely to understand the challenges that decision-makers will face in the near future and has helped me hone my leadership skills. In line with my current internship, I expect to start my career in a consulting firm to gain a hands-on understanding of how change can be brought about and - more importantly - maintained in the way our firms and societies work. I believe Sciences Po has given me the analytical and technical skills to thrive in this sector. In the long-run however, I will be taking a more active part in the political life of my country. I have a profound interest in trade and finance for their ability to shape our societies but my primary academic subject has always been History. I have read extensively on the post-1789 period in France and Europe, more specifically on Emperor Napoleon whose legacy in the French administration and legal system endures to this day. I'm a member of the Institut Napoléon and I also enjoy classical French literature.

My best tips

Chase excellence, success will follow. If you enjoy what you are learning and give it your all, you will find out that people have greater respect for you and your work. It's the one advice I would give anyone who wants to succeed at Sciences-Po, or anywhere else for that matter.