International Economic Policy - Semesters 2 and 4

Master in International Economic Policy - Programme 2017-2018: Semester 2 and 4

Sciences Po Common Core Curriculum (Semester 2 only: Please select 1 course - 24 hours)
CoursesHours / semesterECTSInstructors
Formation commune244 

Students must take one course from "Formation commune de Sciences Po" in Semester 1 and one in Semester 2

Core Curriculum (Please select 3 courses - 72 hours)*
TypeCoursesHours / semesterECTSInstructors
International Macroeconomics (offered to 1st year students only)
1st year students: one course required
OAEA2085 - International Macroeconomics (Lecture)244Philippe MARTIN
Advanced Seminars (offered to 2nd year students only) 2nd year students: one course requiredOAEA2065 - International Trade Regulation & Negociation246Fabian DELCROS
KINT4775 - La stratégie dans ses champs d'action (Cours magistral)246Vincent DESPORTES
KINT7740 - Case Studies in Country Risk246SUBRAN, Ludovic
Economic Policy Sectors and Actors 1st and 2nd year students: two courses requiredKINT7590 - Changing Dynamics of Business and Government Collaboration244Esko AHO
OAEA2105 - European Union Competition Policy244Joaquin ALMUNIA, Antoine CHAPSAL
KINT7705 - Social and Economic Challenges of Artificial Intelligence244Nicolas MIAILHE
KINT3955 - The Changing Political Economy of Central Banking (Lecture)244Howard DAVIES
OAEA2115 - International Debt Fundamentals (lecture)244Ariel WEIL
KINT4305 - Sustainability of Growth in Developing Countries (Lecture)244Paul COLLIER
KINT3475 - International Trade Law and the WTO (lecture)244Eliza PATTERSON
OAEA2055 - East Asia and Europe Facing a New World Together - Economic Perspectives244Patrick MESSERLIN, Taeho BARK, Jimmyn PARC
OAEA2110 - Advanced Econometrics: Time Series244Christophe RAULT
OAEA2120 - Advanced Econometrics: Panel Series244Francisco SERRANITO
KINT7555 - Political Economy of Climate Change244Laurence TUBIANA
OCEU2085 - The Economic Policy of the EU244Pierre DEFRAIGNE
OCEU2140 - The EU trade policy and its actors244Alessia MOSCA
KINT7735 - Global Political Risks and their impact on the Economy244Alain FRACHON, Jean Pierre LANDAU
KINT7655 - Global Firms244Giorgio BARBA NAVARETTI
KINT 7745 -  Main Challenges and Policy Choices in the European Union244Loukas TSOUKALIS

* Reminder : If you enrolled for an annual project (Projet collectif) last semester, you may ask for a waiver for a core curriculum course in the Spring, pending on the approval of your academic advisor.
For your information, courses indicated as « lecture » are those open to more than 32 students.
Innovative courses : please note that courses with the sign *** are those showcasing innovative pedagogical formats.

Concentration courses (Please select 2 courses - 48 hours)*
CoursesHours / semesterECTSInstructors
Regional Concentrations244 
Thematic Concentrations244 

* Students must choose 2 concentrations which they will follow for the duration of their studies at PSIA. Each semester, students take 2 courses: 1 in each concentration. A concentration in Regional Studies is recommended for all students.

EnseignementsVolume horaire semestrielCréditsEnseignants
A modern foreign language244 

*Students who are not fluent in French are encouraged to take French.

Épreuves du diplôme (Second year students)
EnseignementsVolume horaire semestrielCréditsEnseignants
Grand Oral (2nd year students only) 6 
Special features: please select one only (optional)
EnseignementsVolume horaire semestrielCréditsEnseignants
PSIA special features244 

Total required ECTS : 28 for semester 2, Total required ECTS : 32 for semester 4