International Development - Semesters 2 and 4

Master in International Development - Programme 2017-2018: Semester 2 and 4

Sciences Po Common Core Curriculum (Semester 2 only: Please select 1 course - 24 hours)
CoursesHours / semesterECTSInstructors
Formation commune244 

Students must take one course from "Formation commune de Sciences Po" in Semester 1 and one in Semester 2

Skills (Semester 2 only: Please select 1 course - 24 hours each)
CoursesHours / semesterECTSInstructors

Students must take one skills course, either in Semester 1 or in Semester 2. Students may choose the language of instruction. Please note that students may obtain a waiver for the skills course upon presentation of the appropriate justifications (transcripts, syllabi and letter of motivation) before course registration to their academic advisor who makes the final decision. As a consequence, students will attempt 4 fewer credits overall during their program. The academic advisor's decision depends on the number of courses taken in the past and the grades and credits granted for these courses.
Students who have been granted a waiver for the Skills course must take and validate an additional course in the "Special features" curriculum in order to attempt and get 4 additional credits. Students have to make sure, as well, that they attain the minimum of 30 ECTS (validated) per semester.

Core curriculum (Please select 3 courses - 72 hours)***
TypeCoursesHours / semesterECTSInstructors
Economics and Finance (1st year students : one course required / 2nd year students: one course available)KINT4305 - Sustainability of Growth in Developing Countries (Lecture)244Paul COLLIER
KINT7695 - Politics of Development in Africa244Carlos LOPES
KINT4410 - Finances publiques dans les pays en développement244Marc RAFFINOT, Marin FERRY
KINT3925 - Microeconomics for Decision Makers (Lecture)244Charles OMAN
KINT4070 - Introduction to Econometrics using STATA : Application to Policy Evaluation244Dylan GLOVER
Sectors and Actors: (1st year students: two courses required / 2nd year students: two courses available)KINT7605 - Political Economy of Development in the Middle East and North Africa244Hedi LARBI
KINT4765 - Global Hunger (Lecture)244Olivier DE SCHUTTER
KINT4310 - Sustainable Development of Agriculture and Food Systems244Sébastien TREYER, Tancrède VOITURIEZ
KINT4860 - Politiques publiques et enjeux agricoles dans le sud244Jean-Jacques GABAS, Lauren LECUYER
KINT4795 - Education for Development244Francis STEIER
KINT4730 - Technology in International Development: Key Issues and Debates244Niall WINTERS
OAMI2060 - Economics of International Migration: Challenges and Policies244Jean-Christophe DUMONT, Jean Pierre GARSON
OASP2050 - Non-State Actors in Global Health244Louis PIZARRO
OASP2020 - Global Outbreak Alert and Response244Arnaud FONTANET, Klaudia PORTEN
OASP2055 - Global Health Policy & International Health Cooperation244Remco VAN DE PAS, Sara VAN BELLE
OASP2015 - From AIDS to Zika : Economic and Financing Challenges for the Global Health (Bilingual French-English)244Joseph BRUNET-JAILLY, Mead OVER
KINT4825 - Africa Rising244Benoît CHERVALIER
KINT4770 - Global Governance: Overcoming Fragmentation244Olivier DE SCHUTTER
KINT4175 - International Public Law (Lecture)244Rosemary-Ann BYRNE
KINT3990 - Global Civil Society (Lecture)244Mary KALDOR, Sabine SELCHOW
OBGP3045 - Le jeu d'acteurs du développement urbain : simulation de rôle Urbax244Suzanne FRITELLI
KINT7540 - Urbanisme (Bilingual French-English)244Morgan POULIZAC
KINT4270 - Development and Common Pool Resources Management244Renaud LAPEYRE
KINT4885 - Project Management for Sustainable Development244Jean PLICHON
OCAF2105 - Development Evaluation Politics and Practice - Special Topics from Africa244Ian HOPWOOD
KINT7530 - Évaluation des politiques publiques : De l'optimisation de la dépense publique au développement du débat public244François MOUTERDE
OBME2080 - Evaluating social programs : Randomized Experiments244Victor POULIQUEN
KINT4835 - Monitoring and Evaluation of public policies in the framework of development244Denise OWEN, Céleste VAN DEN BROECK, François THEOLEYRE
KINT7640 - Gender and development from a rights-based approach: Achieving gender equality in international cooperation244Saskia RAVESLOOT
KINT5050 - Rule of Law and Development244Eleonora MELI MESSINEO
KINT7750 - Doing Development in crisis situations 244 Xavier LHOTE
KINT7760 - Urban Infrastructure Development and Policy244Wei-Shiuen NG
Advanced Seminars (offered to 2nd year students only /2nd year students: one course required)KINT4315 - Negotiating Development in the Global South246Tancrède VOITURIEZ, Laurence TUBIANA
KINT4320 - Micro Finance: 40 years later, where do we stand?246Emmanuelle JAVOY, Pauline ANGOSO, Blaine STEPHENS
KINT4775 - La stratégie dans ses champs d'action (Cours magistral)246Vincent DESPORTES
KINT4300 - Public-Private Partnerships for Infrastructure in Developing and Emerging Economies246Francesco TOTARO
KINT7595 - Country Development Strategies: the HRV Framework246William MAKO
KINT7730 - Development and Environment: the Challenging Path toward a Unified Global Policy246Anne-Sophie CERISOLA

*** Reminder: If you enrolled for an annual project (Projet collectif) last semester, you may ask for a waiver for a core curriculum course in the Spring, pending on the approval of your academic advisor.
For your information, courses indicated as « lecture » are those open to more than 32 students.

Concentration courses (Please select 2 courses - 48 hours)*
CoursesHours / semesterECTSInstructors
Regional Concentrations244 
Thematic Concentrations244 

* Students must choose 2 concentrations which they will follow for the duration of their studies at PSIA. Each semester, students take 2 courses: 1 in each concentration. A concentration in Regional Studies is recommended for all students.

EnseignementsVolume horaire semestrielCréditsEnseignants
A modern foreign language244 

*Students who are not fluent in French are encouraged to take French.

Épreuves du diplôme (Second year students)
EnseignementsVolume horaire semestrielCréditsEnseignants
Grand Oral (2nd year students only) 6 
Special features: please select one only (optional)
EnseignementsVolume horaire semestrielCréditsEnseignants
PSIA special features244 

Total required ECTS : 28 or 32 for semester 2, Total required ECTS : 32 for semester 4