The 20th Annual Conference of Society for Institutional & Organizational Economics (SIOE)

June 15-17th 2016, Paris
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LIEPP in association with Department of Economics of Sciences Po are proud to support the organisation of the 20th Annual Conference of Society for Institutional & Organizational Economics (SIOE) which will be held in Paris from June 15th to June 17th 2016. 

The conference attracts high quality papers from an international community of scholars in many disciplines including economics, political science, sociology, management, history, and law. It will be attended by 300 participants from all across the world and cover 251 selected papers that will be presented in 76 parallel sessions. 

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Highlights of parallel sessions sponsored by LIEPP : 

June 16th 2016

Session 1-1 Consequences of Migration and Emigration (Amphi Caquot)

  • Exit, Voice and Political Change: Evidence from Swedish Mass Migration to the United States. Presented by: Mounir Karadja (IIES, Stockholm University), Erik Prawitz (IIES, Stockholm University)
  • Emigration As a Pacifying Force? Presented by Veronica Preotu (University of Geneva)
  • Mass Refugee Inflow and Human Capital Investments: Evidence from Greek Refugees in Greece. Presented by:  Seyhun Orcan Sakalli (University of Lausanne) and Elie Murard (IZA)

Session 1-7 Employment Protection (Room H202A)

  • Employee Representation Legislations and Innovation: Evidence from Manufacturing Sectors. Presented by Filippo Belloc (University of Chieti-Pescara)
  • Employee Representation and Flexible Working Time: Identification Through a Size-contingent European Directive. Presented by Gabriel Burdin (Leeds University Business School & IZA), Virginie Pérotin (Leeds University Business School).
  • Litigants' Strategies in Elected Courts: Evidence from French Labor Court. Presented byClaudine Desrieux (University Paris 2), Romain Espinosa (University Paris 2)

Session 3-7 Long-Term Determinants of Gender Equality, Fertility and Crime (Room H202A)

  • On the Historical Roots of Women’s Empowerment Across Italian Provinces: Religion or Family Culture? Presented by: Monica Bozzano (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia).
  • Impact of Family Planning Policy on Gender Inequality: Evidence from China. Presented by Yining Geng (University Pompeu Fabra)
  • The Long-Term Effect of Slavery on Violent Crime: Evidence from US Counties. Presented by Moamen Gouda (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies), Anouk S. Rigterink (London School of Economics and Political Science).
  • The Cultural Diffusion of the Fertility Transition: Evidence from Internal Migration in 19th Century France. Presented by Guillaume Daudin (University Paris-Dauphine), Raphael Franck (Bar-Ilan University), Hillel Rapoport (Paris School of Economics).

Session 4-4 Courts and Economic Performance (Room S2)

  • Justice Delayed is Growth Denied: The Effect of Slow Courts on Relationship-Specific Industries in India. Presented by: Amrit Amirapu (University of Kent).
  • What Do the Decisions of the European Court of Human Rights Tell About Property Rights Across Europe? Presented by: David Gomtsyan (University of Turin), Suren Gomtsyan (Tilburg University).
  • Institutions and Firms’ Adjustments: Measuring the Impact of Courts’ Delays on Job Flows and Productivity. Presented by:  Giovanna Vallanti (Luiss "Guido Carli") Giuseppina Gianfreda (Università della Tuscia).

Session 6-4 Law and Economics of Crime II: Drivers of Recidivism (Room S2)

  • Jobs, News and Re-offending After Incarceration. Presented by:Roberto Galbiati (OSC-CNRS and Sciences Po), Aurélie Ouss (University of Chicago Crime Lab), Arnaud Philippe (CREST and University of Paris 1).
  • Harsh or Humane? Detention Conditions and Recidivism. Presented by: Daniele Terlizzese (EIEF), Giovanni Mastrobuoni (University of Essex)
  • Does Prison Privatization Distort Justice? Evidence on Time Served and Recidivism. Presented by: Anita Mukherjee (University of Wisconsin-Madison).
  • The Effect of Prison Sentence Length on Recidivism: Evidence from Random Judicial Assignment. Presented by: Max Schanzenbach (Northwestern), Michael Roach (Northwestern). 

Session 6-8 Experimental Evidence on Learning and Public Goods (Room H007)

  • How Legal Spillovers Interact with Learning: Theoretical and Experimental Evidence. Presented by: Roberto Galbiati (Sciences Po), Emeric Henry (Sciences Po), Nicolas Jacquemet (PSE)
  • Cooperation Under the Risk of Capture. Presented by: Malte Lierl (Yale University)
  • Voter Understanding of Policy Incidence – Experimental Evidence. Presented by: Florian H. Schneider (University of Zurich), Martin Schonger (ETH Zurich)

Find here for the complete programme of SIOE Conference 2016