Study in North America

As a student at Sciences Po, you can spend time abroad at three different moments:

  • Students are required to spend their third year of the Bachelor's programme abroad, either studying at a partner university, on an internship or undertaking a personal project.
  • One semester of the Master's programme is spent outside Sciences Po, and studying abroad is one of the possibilities.
  • During your doctorate, you may choose to participate in a PhD exchange programme.

What do you need to do to study abroad?

  1. Discover the different steps involved in preparing for a successful exchange.
  2. Find specific information for going to the United States or Canada.  
  3. Make an appointment so we can help you define your study abroad project and your list of schools. Please note that it is no longer possible to make an appointment for a 3rd year departure in 2016-2017.


  1. Don't miss the information session on studies in North America, Friday September 15, 2017, from 12pm to 2pm, Paris campus, Room Jean Moulin, 13 rue de l'Université.
  2. Make an appointment for the third year abroad in the US. Make an appointment for a year abroad in Canada.
  3. Please make sure to fill out this questionnaire (PDF, 58 Kb) before your appointment with us.
  4. Check the list of partner universities in the USA and their prerequisites (PDF, 66 Ko).  ​NB: no departure 2018/2019 to the University of San Francisco and the University of North Carolina School of Journalism.
  5. Check the list of partner universities in Canada and their prerequisites (PDF, 60 Ko)
  6. Read the presentation on the third year in the USA and Canada (PDF, 5 Mo)
  7. Watch the video of the info session USA-Canada (Reims, September 11, 2017)


  1. Check the list of the partner universities in the USA (PDF, 20 Kb).
  2. Make an appointment for a master's semester abroad.

Your main contact: the Centre for the Americas

The Centre for the Americas at Sciences Po is there to help you with all your preparations for studying abroad as well as during your stay.

Centre for the Americas contacts

Information meetings about student exchanges in America are held each year to help you choose your destination.

The centre will send you the applications to complete in time for each university's deadline.

You will then need to return your completed application to the Centre for the Americas, which will send it on to the partner university. For any documents to be sent by email to universities, please copy us in on the emails.

Once Sciences Po has nominated students to partner universities, some universities will get in touch with the students directly.

If this is the case, be sure to follow their instructions carefully and, if possible, keep us informed of the steps you have taken. Do not contact them before they contact you. Until you receive your acceptance from the host university, communication should go through the Sciences Po Centre for the Americas.

Do not buy your plane ticket before you have received acceptance from the host university and found out the dates of their Welcome Programme, which you will be expected to attend.