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Shaping and Governing Crises
Critique Internationale N°85

Introduction. The Politics of Crisis Claims, by Sara Angeli Aguiton, Lydie Cabane, and Lise Cornilleau


La cause des migrants/ The Migrants' Cause
Critique Internationale N°84

Introduction. From the Undocumented Migrant Movement to the Refugee “Crisis”:The Evolution of Categories of Action and Theoretical Issues, by Pauline Brücker, Daniel Veron, and Youri Lou Vertongen


Corps migrants aux frontières méditerranéennes de l’Europe/ Migrant Bodies on the Mediterranean Borders of Europe
Critique Internationale N°83

Introduction. Border Regime Violence and Lethal Outcomes: Narratives and Practices Surrounding Migrant Deaths and Disappearances, by Marie Bassi and Farida Souiah



Ethnicity in Latin America
Critique Internationale N°57

Ethnicity in Latin America: A Deepening of the Democratic Repertory?, by Geneviève Verdo and Dominique Vidali

Bolivian Katarism: The Emergence of an Indian Challenge to the Social Order, by Cécile Casen

Ethnography of an Indigenous Student Organization in Peruvian Amazonia: The Ambivalence of Protest, by Doris Buu-Sao

Ethnicity in Bolivia? The Paradox of an Indigenous Category, the Folklorista, by Kévin Maenhout

Bolivian Immigrants in São Paulo: Metaphors of Slavery and Representations of Alterity, by Dominique Vidal



Islamic Feminism Today
Critique Internationale N°46

Islamic feminism twenty years on: the economy of a debate andnew fields of research, by Stéphanie Latte Abdallah

Re/placing islamic feminism, by Margot Badran

Islamic feminism in iran: a new form of subjugation or the emergence of agency?, by Azadeh Kian

Personal development and the “rights of woman”: women’s appropriation of religion in saudi arabia, by Amélie le Renard

Morocco: towards an “islamic state feminism”, by Souad Eddouada, Renata Pepicelli



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N°59 - April 2013 - Thema "Circulation des savoirs et champs transnationaux", edited by Antoine Vauchez

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N°51 - April 2011- Thema "Comment la compétition démocratique travaille les identités collectives", edited by Christophe Jaffrelot

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N°50 - January 2011- Thema "La politisation des individus", edited by Myriam Aït-Aoudia, Mounia Bennani-Chraïbi and Jean-Gabriel Contamin

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N°48 - July 2010 - Thema "Les policy transfers en question", edited by Thierry Delpeuch

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N°47 - April 2010 - Thema "Voyages des racines", edited by Antonela Capelle-Pogacean

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N°46 - January 2010 - Thema "Le féminisme islamique", edited by Stéphanie Latte Abdallah

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N°45 - October 2009 - Thema "Recensement ethnique et changement de régime", edited by Morgane Labbé

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N°38 - January 2008 - Variations "Les chemins de la globalisation culturelle", edited by Jean-Marie Bouissou

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N°36 - July 2007 - Variations "Le modèle de l'enquête judiciaire face aux crises extrêmes", edited by Johanna Siméant

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N°34 - January 2007 - Variations "L'Irak : violences et incertitudes", edited by Hamit Bozarslan

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N°33 - October 2006 - Variations "Asie : la démocratie à l'épreuve du phénomène dynastique ?", edited by Christophe Jaffrelot

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N°32 - July 2006 - Variations "Économie politiques des privatisations", edited by François Bafoil

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N°31 - April 2006 - Variations "Un nouveau radicalisme agraire ?", edited by Nathalie Duclos

Additional documents

  • Anne Salles, La politique familiale allemande : les limites de l'action de l'État: Bibliographie

  • Nancy Andrew et Wilbert Sadomba, Zimbabwe : la « soif de terres » aux origines du mouvement des anciens combattants : Bibliographie



N°29 - October 2005 - Variations "Quel avenir pour l'Europe ?", edited by Dionyssis and Hussein Kassim

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N°28 - July 2005 - Variations "State Building et sécurité internationale", edited by Béatrice Pouligny

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N°27 - April 2005 - Variations "Les altermondialismes", edited by Daniel Mouchard

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N°26 - January 2005 - Variations "Les juristes et l'ordre politique européen", edited by Antonin Cohen and Antoine Vauchez

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N°21 - October 2003 - Variations "Citoyenneté et fédéralisme aux Etats-Unis et en Europe", edited by Florence Deloche-Gaudez and François Vergniolle de Chantal

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N°16 - July 2002 - Variations "Prison et changement démocratique", edited by Philippe Artières and Pierre Lascoumes

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N°07 - Spring 2000 - Variations "Culture populaire et politique", edited by Denis-Constant Martin

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Du passé faisons table rase ? Akira ou la révolution self-service
by Jean-Marie Bouissou



N°03 - Spring 1999 - Variations "Crime et politique en démocratie", edited by Didier Bigo

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N°01 - Autumn 1998 - Variations "La privatisation de l'Etat",  edited by Béatrice Hibou

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