Scientific committee

  • Ghazala AZMAT, Professor at the Department of Economics, Sciences Po
  • Roberto GALBIATI, CNRS Professor (DR) - Department of Economics, Sciences Po
  • Delphine GROUÈS, Director of Studies and Educational Innovation, Sciences Po
  • Morgane LAOUENAN, CNRS researcher at Centre d’Economie de la Sorbonne
  • Maxime MARZIN, Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurship, Sciences Po
  • Dominique MEURS, Professor of economics at Paris Ouest-Nanterre University La Défense and research associate at the National Institute for Demographic Studies, specialist in gender inequalities in the labor market
  • Bruno PALIER, CNRS Director of research, Center for European Studies, Sciences Po; LIEPP director
  • Hélène PERIVIER, OFCE Research Officer, Responsible for the Research and Teaching Program of Knowledge on Gender (PRESAGE)
  • Anne REVILLARD, Associate Professor in Sociology at Sciences Po, OSC-LIEPP, co-director of the Discrimination and Social Inequalities research group
  • Mirna SAFI, Associate Professor at Sciences Po, Head of OSC
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