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On this page, you will find summaries of research articles on the topic of women and higher education. Most of the articles will deal with gender differences in the choices that students make for their fields of study. The objective of these summaries is to better inform society on the importance of these choices, how to reduce gender differences in choices for fields of study, and the future of the labor market. 

How institutions and gender differences in education shape entrepreneurial activity: a cross-national perspective

Dilli, S., & Westerhuis, G. (2018).  Small Business Economics, 1-22.

The article investigates the role of gender differences in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education during different stages of entrepreneurial activity. 

Read the original article or our summary of the article (PDF, 192 Ko)


Erb, L-A., Éducation formations, 2018, L’égalité entre les filles et les garçons, entre les femmes et les hommes, dans le système éducatif, 3 (98), pp.85-111.

The author of this study examines the role of gender differences in academic choices on employability. 

Read the original article (FR) or our summary of the article (PDF, 199 Ko).

The summaries have been written by Rawane Yasser, Research Assistant for the Women in Business Chair. The researchers who wrote the original articles are independent from the Chair.

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