Society in general needs to have better access to research results. On this page, you will find summaries of research articles that have studied the topic of women in entrepreneurship.

We ask men to win and women not to lose: closing the gender gap in startup funding

Why are there funding disparities between male and femaule entrepreneurs? The authors of this study demonstrate that a gender bias in the questions investors ask to entrepreneurs results in different funding outcomes for entrepreneurs. Read the original article

The minority effect: gender stereotypes and entrepreneur financing

The article examines the factors driving discrimination behaviors among equity investors.Read the original article.

Passion for entrepreneurship or passion for the product? A conjoint analysis of angel and VC decision-making

The present study aims to analyse the relationship between entrepreneurs’ passion and the funding decisions.Read the original article.

Gender Gap in High-Growth Ventures: Evidence from a University Venture Mentoring Program

The article investigates the gender gap in the early stage of the life-cycle of a high-growth venture. Read the original article. 

Entrepreneurs, Jacks of all trades or Hobos? 

 Should entrepreneurs be specialists or generalists? The authors examine the relationship between varied employment before becoming an entrepreneur and income. Read the original article. 

Entrepreneurial Motivation and Business Performance: Evidence from a French Microfinance Institution 

 Can the type of entrepreneurial motivation influence business performance? The authors of this study examine this relationship and distinguish between opportunity entrepreneurs and necessity entrepreneurs. Read the original article.

When Does Advice Impact Startup Performance? 

 Can advise influence a startup’s performance? The authors of this study demonstrate that entrepreneurs who received advice in a formal approach to managing people  grew larger and were less likely to fail. Read the original article.

The Yin and Yang of entrepreneurship: Gender differences in the importance of communal and agentic characteristics for entrepreneurs' subjective well-being and performance. 

The authors of this article examine the relationship between gender differences in characteristics with well-being and performance. Read the original article.

Gender differences in equity crowdfunding.

The present study aims to understand gender differences in success in online funding platforms. Read the original article.

A woman's place is in the… startup! Crowdfunder judgments, implicit bias, and the stereotype content model. 

The present study explores a more nuanced theory regarding the relationship between crowdfunding decisions and investor stereotypes. Read the original article.

Risk, uncertainty, and entrepreneurship: Evidence from a lab-in-the-field experiment. 

The authors seek to understand entrepreneurs’ distinctive behavioural features towards risk and uncertainty. Read the original article.

Demographics and entrepreneurship. 

Is there a relationship between age and entrepreneurial capability (idea for business, energy, and risk tolerance)? Read the original article.

Gender differences in firm performance: Evidence from new ventures in the United States.

The present article studies differences in performances between female- and male-owned firms. Read the original article. 

Explaining preferences and actual involvement in self-employment: Gender and the entrepreneurial personality. 

 The present study aims to analyze the mechanisms underlying the gender gap in self-employment by examining entrepreneurial preferences and actual involvement in entrepreneurship. Read the original article.


The summaries have been written by Rawane Yasser, Research Assistant for the Women in Business Chair. The researchers who wrote the original articles are independent from the Chair.

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