Michel David-Weill Scholarship


Michel David-Weill, a renowned banker and businessman, a passionate collector, and a generous patron of the arts, passed away in New York on June 16, 2022, at the age of 89.

At once a Frenchman and a New Yorker, Weill was dedicated to strengthening the French-American relationship through business and philanthropy alike, as the many recent testimonials have shown.

Himself an alumnus of Sciences Po, David-Weill created a scholarship at the university that embodies his legacy of dedication to transatlantic exchange and partnership, using education to build bridges between the US and France. The Michel David Weill scholarship was endowed in 2011 to attract the best and brightest American students to continue their postgraduate education at Sciences Po in Paris. The Scholarship is awarded each year to one American student who exemplifies the core values embodied by its name-sake: excellence, leadership, multiculturalism, and high achievement. In addition to their academic qualifications, awardees demonstrate strong character, instincts to lead, and commitment to both local and global community.

The influence of this initiative is best articulated by the twelve scholars who have been its recipients to date. Riya Verma (2020 recipient), reflected on the opportunity to attend Sciences Po, “Through the David-Weill scholarship, I was able to fully immerse myself in French student life and make a lasting connection to the country […] Without Michel David Weill's support, my interest in France would have remained an interest - and not have blossomed into a connection to the country that I now consider a second home.” It was not only the incredible opportunity for study and cultural exchange that recipients noted, but also the incredible openness and generosity that Michel David-Weill shared with them, offering observations and advice both personal and professional in nature that marked the impact of the scholarship. “His observations could span literature, politics, the markets, religion, and countless other subjects,” recalled  Zachary Young (2017 recipient) who continued, David-Weill was “motivated by his desire to give, to trust others, and to deflect praise in spite of so many honors and accolades.”

Sam Miles, graduate of Sciences Po’s Masters degree in International Energy and inaugural recipient of the Michel David-Weill Scholarship reflected on the impact of the scholarship, “I know that with each passing year, and with each newly-minted MDW scholar, another seed is planted for a stronger US-French alliance — and thus American-European cooperation — to confront the many challenges we face on the climatic, humanitarian, and economic fronts.” The Michel David-Weill Scholarship, thanks to its endowment, will continue to connect the brightest American minds with Sciences Po, as part of an enduring legacy that will benefit not only future scholars, but the world they will go on to shape, ensuring a continued commitment to Michel David-Weill’s lifelong work strengthening transatlantic relations. 

Emily de la Bruyère (2016 recipient) eloquently stated, “Michel David Weill gave every one of us an invaluable gift. We will spend the rest of our careers working to make good on his legacy.” Indeed, we all continue to be in the debt of Michel’s brilliance and generosity. The Sciences Po American Foundation is proud to have the responsibility to continue the Michel David-Weill scholarship program, and honored to be a part of his enduring legacy.

The Michel David-Weill Scholarship is named after its founder, a graduate of Sciences Po and until May 2005, the Chairman of Lazard LLC, President and Managing Director of Lazard Frères Banque, and Partner and President of Maison Lazard SAS.

The Scholarship carries a monetary value of $80,000 spanning two years of study and covers the full cost of enrollment at Sciences Po, including tuition and fees, housing, books and other living/travel expenses. 

To date, twelve scholarships have been awarded.


Visit Sciences Po's website to understand eligibility and application process for the Michel David-Weill Scholarship.



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