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30 September 2017
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2 October 2017

Youth in France: “a rejected citizenship”

Tom Chevalier, a recent PhD graduate of the Center for European Studies, devoted his thesis – under the supervision of Bruno Palier – to public policies targeting the youth in several European countries.
This comparative work received the Doctoral Researcher Prize awarded by the Journal of European Social Policy and the European Network for Social Policy Analysis for its article Varieties of youth welfare citizenship. Towards a two-dimension typology (eng.)”. Since September 2017 he has been conducting a research project at Harvard’s Center for European Studies thanks to a German John F. Kennedy Memorial Fellowship. Using a multidisciplinary approach that combines sociology, history, economics and political science, he seeks to explain the particular nature of the French economy, which combines state interventionism and liberalism. Learn more about this project.
Here he presents the subject of his thesis (choose subtitles in English). . Transcription (pdf)