Light pollution in Europe, 2002.Crédits : NASA
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15 February 2017
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20 February 2017

Tolerance in progress

Synthesizing 69 questions about minorities, the tolerance index ranges from 0 (maximum intolerance) to 100 (maximum tolerance).


After falling during Nicolas Sarkozy’s five-year term, tolerance grew in 2015-2016 despite a series of attacks that many feared would lead to greater hostility towards Muslims. Left-wing respondents are always more tolerant than right-wing ones, but the latter experienced a stronger rebound, reflecting a rejection of Sarkozyism and a reshaping of the right.

Reference: Nonna Mayer, Guy Michelat, Vincent Tiberj, Tommaso Vitale- “Le retour inattendu de la tolérance” (The unexpected return of tolerance) and “L’impact des attentats de 2015 sur l’opinion” (The impact of the 2015 attacks on public opinion), Combating racism, anti-Semitism and xenophobia. 2015, in National Consultative Commission on Human Rights , La Documentation française, 2016, pp.285-291 and 357-365: