Public Policy Incubator


This program is designed to train the students to solve crucial public policy issues using creative and collaborative problem-solving methodologies. 

How to design and implement public policies which will significantly improve citizen’s lives? 

As future decision makers and actors of the common good, this is the kind of question that students should be prepared for. Thanks to the collaboration of external partners who proposed to work on real problems which affect their public target, students have the opportunity to explore a public interest issue and to develop concrete and practical solutions to address it in an innovative and user-centered way. 

The methodology is based on design thinking and rapid prototyping: it enables the students to put their theoretical skills into practice and to gain professional experience through experiential learning, evidence-based, data-driven and ethical approaches.

How does it work? 

The Incubator is a program open to first year Master students of the School of Public Affairs, during their second semester (January-June). In small groups, students create a concrete innovative and user-centered solution to tackle a real public interest challenge proposed by an external partner.

During the semester, the students have the opportunity to:

  • attend weekly theoretical and practical courses on design and public innovation;
  • be supported by a coach specialized in design, public innovation or project management;
  • get technological support to help in prototyping the solution.


Students in Master 1 at the School of Public Affairs are invited to apply to this program by mid-November. They have to send their resume and a short motivation letter which explains their interest in public innovation. 

The public, private or associative organization involved in the resolution of general interest issues can submit a challenge by completing this short form. Feel free also to contact us:

Library of projects

Discover the projects realized in the previous editions of the program. This library is likely to develop in the coming months. 

You can explore the details of the projects by clicking on the “card” dedicated to the project. You can also use the “filter” function to explore the thematics which are the most relevant for you.


The Public Innovation Laboratory was launched in 2019, in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), to entrust students with the opportunity to draw on the innovation techniques used by Amazon to create new products as well as on experts with in-depth technical knowledge to develop their prototypes in the cloud. This guidance will enable them to bring their ideas to life with the latest AWS technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT, machine learning, and much more.

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