Back to the highlights of the new academic year for apprenticeship students

Back to the highlights of the new academic year for apprenticeship students

  • Start of the year 2022 for apprenticesStart of the year 2022 for apprentices

The School of Public Affairs offers students in the Master in Public Policy and the Master in European Affairs the opportunity to complete their second year under an apprenticeship contract. Two hundred and thirteen students have made this choice for the 2022-2023 academic year, i.e. 29% of the Master 2 students. 

On Thursday, August 25, the apprentices were able to meet and attend various conferences in order to embark on their new career path with confidence.  


For the second time, Manon Renonciat-Laurent, professional coach and teacher in "Professional and Management Workshop" at EAP*, led a conference to open the apprentices' first day of school.

This conference offered the students essential tools and keys to start their apprenticeship by giving - but also finding! - satisfaction. 

Manon Renonciat-Laurent presented the work-study program as a "fertile ground" for the students' professional future, which they can cultivate in an intelligent and sensitive way to grow their self-confidence, their talents and their professional projects. 

Through a workshop in small groups and the transmission of a "toolkit", Manon Renonciat-Laurent shed light on the aspects on which work-study students have a "hand" to make the most of this opportunity and lay a good foundation during their first weeks. She invited them to take the time to observe their organization with curiosity and humility in order to find their place in it, to dare to meet and question colleagues and managers, to build and share their report of surprise. But also, to define their major objectives for the year in order to prioritize their tasks, to know and know how to mobilize their resources in case of difficulty.  Finally, and most importantly, think of their success as a combination of pleasure and performance. 


The students then met with a representative of Formasup Paris, Sciences Po's CFA partner in establishing apprenticeship contracts. They discussed their new status as employees in training. The work contract, salary, vacations, social security coverage, specific assistance, the role of the apprenticeship mentor and the apprenticeship tutor were all discussed. 


To close the day, the apprentices received the rugby player Marc Lièvremont, selected 25 times for the French national team, and then coach of the XV. 

The words of a high-level sportsman, captain and coach, were an offbeat way of addressing topics that the students in apprenticeship will be exposed to very quickly in their professional lives and that they will deepen in the second semester's management workshop. These topics are leadership, teamwork, group values, and career management. Perhaps in a counter-intuitive manner, rugby was also a way to show that leadership is not necessarily related to strength or virility.

Marc Lièvremont shared with the students the story of a career with its hopes, encounters, ambition, doubts, criticisms, setbacks, passion, successes, changes of course, solitude at times and the team spirit. This moment contributed to the cohesion of the class of 2022-2023. 

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* The Professional and Management Workshop is an innovative and collaborative course, dedicated to M2 work-study students and led by professionals (managers, consultants, coaches, HR managers, etc.). The teachers combine theoretical contributions, practical tools and collective intelligence exchanges to help students optimize this decisive work-study experience: finding their place in their host organizations, managing their time and priorities, communicating and maintaining good relations with their managers and colleagues, understanding the basics of management. At the end of the semester, sessions are dedicated to the definition and implementation of students' professional projects. 

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