School faculty

The School’s faculty includes specialists in political science, sociology, law, and economics, as well as recognized decision-makers and policy analysts from the public arena. To guarantee a variety of critical and cultural perspectives as well as pedagogical approaches, academics and professionals from Europe and the world are invited to join a core group of Sciences Po faculty. Their diversity complements that of the student body, and adds to the richness and depth of the program.

Led by economist Yann Algan and bolstered by a board of advisors over which presides Anne-Marie Idrac, the School brings together practitioners and academics of international renown to move beyond the traditional public affairs curriculum. The School embodies a unique project molded by the expertise of an academic board which brings together highly recognised professionals and researchers.

This team includes:

  • Academics from Sciences Po’s departments and research centres:
  • Leading practitioners from a variety of professional fields: local, national and international administrations – politics – regulatory bodies – trade unions and professional groups – non-profit sector – publicly funded companies – private corporations – etc.
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