Our Ambition

One Hope, One Conviction

A new awareness of individuals and groups is forging a new public policy paradigm. From action to interaction, from individual intelligence to collective intelligence, the rules of the game have shifted from the public good to the common good.

Today's evolving policy environment is not just shared, it is co-developed, co-produced and co-managed by empowered individuals. Public policy can be used to frame this evolution and enhance the positive impact of emerging technology on issues of global significance. The School of Public Affairs is based on one hope and one conviction. Our hope is to develop a sense of the common good within students who will construct the world of tomorrow.

Our conviction is that Sciences Po is the ideal place to bring this hope to life.

The Plurality School

Anchored in its French and European roots, and open to the world, the School of Public Affairs prepares a new kind of citizen and new actors of public affairs. To do so, it will

  • Incorporate a multidisciplinary approach, anchored in social sciences, with a focus on exploring the intersection between public affairs and cutting-edge technologies. 
  • Develop an emphasis on policy and decision making 2.0, transitioning from a whole of government to a whole of society approach, to investigate new practices of citizenship and participative democracy.
  • Adopt a multidimensional and panoramic vision of public affairs that embraces a plurality of values, ethics and cultural contexts.
  • Fuse frontier research and pedagogical innovation to equip new actors to harness today's increasing complexities and to surmount the boundaries of clustered knowledge.

The culture of innovation and exploration is the cornerstone of our philosophy. Policy labs give students the opportunity to collaborate with clients to co-develop and test practical solutions for public policy challenges in the field. 

By offering targeted professional programmes for students, young professionals as well as top decision makers, the school prepares the public affairs professionals of tomorrow, in the public and private sectors, at local and global levels, both for reflection and action. 

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