Our Ambition

At a time of polarized societies and distrust in institutions, the ambition of the School of Public Affairs is to educate a new generation of responsible actors able to resolve the main challenges of contemporary governance for the common good” Yann Algan, Dean of Sciences Po’s School of Public Affairs.


At the School of Public Affairs, our ambition is to equip future global experts and leaders with the necessary set of ideas and practical skills to analyze and understand humanity’s contemporary challenges, and find innovative solutions in the pursuit of the common good. 

Our program encompasses all dimensions of public affairs, with both a European perspective and a global vision. We do propose a multi-disciplinary prospective, anchored in social sciences, open to all knowledge and culture, and informed by ethics and civic sensibility.  

To build a trusting society, our students learn to understand the interests of key stakeholders and the civil society, to organize coalitions for change, as well as to design policies for a better society and the promotion of democratic values. 


The School of Public Affairs offers a large variety of masters and up to 11 different policy streams, from public administration and public management to culture, digital, global health, environment and sustainability, economic and social policy, defense and European issues. 

Our School adopts both a European perspective and a global vision on public affairs, and provides a wide choice of dual degrees with internationally renowned institutions. We also chair the Global Public Policy Network, which gathers the best Schools of Public Affairs in Europe, America and Asia. 

Our students learn to bridge the gap between research and practice with world-leading scholars, practitioners and leaders, as Sciences Po is ranked in the top 2 universities worldwide for Politics and International Affairs. 

They develop practical skills within a Policy Lab, working on case studies and fieldwork projects to design concrete and sustainable policies. Learning from authentic experiences of users, participants and other stakeholders, students acquire new problem-solving methods to implement concrete solutions within public affairs to improve the life of citizens.

The School of Public Affairs gives access to many careers, at the intersection of the public sector, the private sector, international and non-governmental organisations. Students also have the opportunity to successfully pass the top civil servants exams in France and Europe. 

As the main school of public affairs in Europe, our School attracts the best students across France, Europe and worldwide; our current 2200 students come from 80 different countries.

If one wants to create a better future for you and the world, Sciences Po’s School of Public Affairs is the place to be. 

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