Master in European Affairs: Off-campus Semester

Internship of professional experience

The internship must be at least 14 consecutive weeks and must be accomplished full-time within the same institution, with a maximum duration of 6 months. The missions you will undertake must be linked to your academic programme and/or career project.

The professional experience acquired may also take the form of a work contract or of a « VIE-VIA » (volontariat international en entreprise / volontariat international en administration).

For more information concerning the signature of an internship agreement as well as its validation, please consult Sciences Po Careers website.

Study Abroad

Students can also choose to study abroad in one of our partner universities, for a duration of one semester. It is particularly recommended for students who have never studied abroad.

Students must apply one year in advance. Applications have to be submitted during the first year of the Master’s degree (ou during a gap year). Each year, an information session is organised during the Autumn semester.

More information about the semester abroad.

Master's Thesis

Students have the opportunity to write a Master’s thesis during their semester 4. The main objective is to enable students to deepen their expertise or knowledge in a given field, which they hope to enhance professionally.

Find out more about Master's thesis.

Personal Project

During their 4th semester, students may commit themselves to an alternative project that is linked to their academic course of study and that is not included in one of the above categories. It may be the founding of a company or start-up, participation in an associative project, the undertaking of civil service or a semester abroad in a university that is not one of Sciences Po’s partners.

All personal projects must be submitted to the Academic advisor in charge of the student’s policy stream during the S3 at the latest, validated by him/her with respect to the internal consistency of the project and its coherence with the student’s academic and professional projects.

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