Certificat égalité femmes-hommes et politiques publiques

Programme objectives

This training offered by the School of Public Affairs and Sciences Po's Reseach and Educational program on GEnder studies (PRESAGE) prepares students for the challenges they will face in their professional life vis-à-vis gender equality.

The program has three objectives:

  • Understanding inequalities
  • Knowing how to recognize them and to act
  • Sharing experiences and creating a support network

With a higher average level of education than men, women are nevertheless underrepresented in places of political or economic power. Only 5% of large European companies are run by women. Gender inequality starts as soon as women’s first job, as shown by the most recent report of the 2018 French Grandes Ecoles Conference. A male manager who graduated in 2017 receives an annual remuneration (bonuses included) of 4500 euros higher than a woman is paid with the same profile and the same skills.

Inequalities then widen throughout their career. In addition, the glass ceiling persists in all sectors (economic, political, artistic ...). It is the result of systemic discrimination, unfavorable selection processes for women, lack of access for advancement compared to men.

Young graduates have a role to play in advancing gender equality in general, and professional equality in particular. Women need to be able to identify the difficulties they will face early on in their careers that continue to occur because of our current environment. In support of public policies fighting these unequal processes, the training offered by the School of Public Affairs aims to understand how these inequalities are formed, in order to be able to better act to reduce them.

Programme Direction

Najat Vallaud-Belkacem: Program Director. French politician, she was Minister of Women's Rights and spokes inperson of the Ayrault Government (2012-2014), then Minister of Women's Rights, City, Youth and Sports before becoming Minister of National Education, of Higher Education and Research in 2014.For the past 15 years, she has been fighting for equal opportunities for all people through her various positions in local government, and most recently as Minister. Today, as Deputy Director General of Ipsos, in charge of international studies and social innovation, she continues to pursue this goal through ongoing research with companies and international organizations.

Hélène Périvier: Scientific Director of the program. Economist at the OFCE. She is director of the program PRESAGE (Program of Research and Education of SAVoirs on GEnre). Her research interests include social policies, family and tax policies; gender inequalities in the labor market from a perspective of international comparisons.

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