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7 December 2022
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16 January 2023

EU work programme: What’s on for sustainable development and climate transition?

By Marc Ringel

As part of its better regulation requirements, the European Commission regularly publishes and updates its work programme, detailing the most important policy actions for the coming year. The 2023 work programme foresees 43 new policy initiatives, 8 initiatives for regulatory simplification (“refit initiatives”). In addition, it reports on pending proposals that are still under negotiation. The work programme lists the individual initiatives and gives an indicative timeline (by quarter of the year) when the respective proposal will be put forward.

The overview below presents an excerpt of the work programme with initiatives that are particularly relevant in the field of sustainable development and climate transitions. Many proposals are linked to the European Green Deal.

Following the structure applied by the European Commission, this overview lists (1.) new initiatives, (2) refitit initiatives, and (3) ongoing, pending proposals (as by beginning December 2022) in the order of their planned publication.

1. New Initiatives

2. REFIT Initiatives

3. Pending proposals