Here you will find recordings from our previous conferences with English-speaking lecturers. PRESAGE records around ten conferences each year all to be found on Soundcloud.

Roundtable discussion - Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict

with Kirsten Campbell, Elissa Mailänder, Fabrice Virgili and Anne-Laure Briatte.

Webinar - Telemedicine in Abortion Care

Webinar - Dress Codes: How the Laws of Fashion Made History

Webinar - Sexual Citizens

Webinar - Refugees and Migrants amid the Global Pandemic. Gendered Vulnerabilities in the Middle EasT.

Read the Webinar Report.

Francine Deutsch - Halving it All

RHACEL SALAZAR Parreñas - Gender and transnational families

Vandana Shiva - Ecology and Feminism

Roundtable discussion - Gender Budgeting: analysing public spending and tax policies

with Mary-Ann Stephenson, Claire Guiraud, Fran Bennett and Hélène Périvier

Roundtable discussion - Sexuality And Violence In Historical Perspective

 with Ulrike Lindner, Patrick Farges, Anna Hájková and Elissa Mailänder

Tristin Green - Discrimination Laundering

Maya Judd - When Young is Old. Mamma's boys and Low fertility in Italy

Jonathan Katz - HIDE / SEEK: difference and desire in American portraiture

Nira Yuval-Davis - The Political of Belonging: Intersectional Contestations

Daniel S. Hamermesh - Beauty Pays - Why Attractive People Are More Successful

Gøsta Esping-Andersen - What happens to family life when the gender revolution matures?

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