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Gender studies refer to an international and interdisciplinary field of research. It analyses power relations, inequalities and discriminatory practices relating to sex, gender (including gender identity or expression), sexual orientation, as well as their intersection with other categories, such as social class, ethno-racial origins or presumed origins, religion, age and disability.

At Sciences Po, gender studies are primarily taught through the lens of the humanities and social sciences (law, economics, history, political science, sociology). Teaching in this area combines theoretical, empirical and applied approaches. Whatever their programme or professional aspirations, all students at Sciences Po have the option of pursuing a gender studies course track, at the Undergraduate College or during their graduate studies. In doing so, they gain the knowledge base and critical tools necessary to understand issues relating to gender inequality and discrimination, including past and future historical, social, economic, legal and political dimensions.

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Undergraduate studies

Spring 2021-2022

General Programme

Central and Eastern Europe programme

ASOC 21F10 CMES - Les grandes questions de sociologie : au prisme du genre (Marie Duru-Bellat) (FR), Core Lecture Economy and Society Major, semester 3

Europe - Asia programme

Middle East and Mediterranean programme

No information available.

Europe and Franco-German region programme

Europe-Latin America Programme

North America programme

Europe - Africa programme

Graduate studies

Spring 2021-2022

Common Academic Curriculum

School of Public Affairs

School of International Affairs (PSIA)

Certificat égalité femmes-hommes et politiques publiques, optionnal block, semesters 1 and 2

Master in International Development

F1ID 4020 - Gender and Development in Theory and Practice (Maxime Forest), Block 2 - Policies and Institutions of Development, semester 1

Thematic Concentration: Diplomacy

OADI 2265 - Advancing gender equality through multilateralism (Fanny Benedetti, Dilek Elveren), semester 1

Thematic Concentration: Environment and Sustainability

OADD 2245 - Gender and Environment (Emma Letellier), semester 1

 Thematic concentration: Human Rights

Thematic concentration: Migration
Thematic concentration: Gender Studies

Law School

KDEC 6035 - Person, Personhood : a comparative study (Marie Mercat-Bruns), Master in Economic Law, elective course, semester 1

School of Research

Master in History
Master in Political Science


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