Singh (1885-1967), Tara

24 Juin, 2008
Baixas Lionel

Also known as Master Tara Singh, he was the first Secretary General of the Shiromani Gurudwara Prabadhank Committee (SGPC), a religious-political body created in 1920 to lead the movement for seizing the control of all the Gurudwaras, and later President for various terms. From 1930 onwards, he became the uncontested leader of the Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD), the premier Sikh political party. In 1947, Master Tara Singh vehemently opposed the formation of Pakistan. He was the first to raise the slogan of “Pakistan Murdabad” (“Death to Pakistan”), outside the Punjab Assembly, a sword in his hand and in the presence of pro-Pakistan crowds. His speeches full of hatred were highly conducive to the breakdown of law and order during Partition.

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Baixas Lionel, Singh (1885-1967), Tara, Violence de masse et Résistance - Réseau de recherche, [en ligne], publié le : 24 Juin, 2008, accéder le 27/04/2020,, ISSN 1961-9898
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