Colonel Untung, Lieutenant

3 Août, 2009

Lieutenant Colonel Untung fought in the independence struggle in a battalion commanded by Suharto. He also served in the Central Java Diponegoro division in the mid 1950s. He served in West Irian in the 1960s. After this he was transferred to the Cakrabirawa Presidential Guard, where he served as Commander. On 1 October, 1965, the 30 September Movement broadcast an announcement on the Indonesia Republic Radio station that troops under Untung’s leadership had taken action to stop a coup by a ‘Council of Generals’. Untung was put on trial by a Military Tribunal in 1966 and executed shortly after.


ELSON, Robert, 2001, Suharto: A Political Biography, Cambridge : Cambridge University Press.

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McGregor . Katharine E, Colonel Untung, Lieutenant, Violence de masse et Résistance - Réseau de recherche, [en ligne], publié le : 3 Août, 2009, accéder le 27/04/2020,, ISSN 1961-9898
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